• mixed media on panel
12 x 12
  • mixed media on panel
12 x 12
  • mixed media 14 x 14
  • mixed media on panel
14 x 14
  • mixed media on panel
14 x 14
  • Foldy Book of Death Vol 2
  • Foldy Book of Death Mini Vol 7
  • Installation View Foldy Book of Death @Harcourt House
  • Etchy Foldy Book of Death
Edition of 20
  • wolverines square
  • Big Foldy Grunt Gallery
  • Big Foldy Grunt Gallery
  • Big Foldy Lat53 Gallery
  • Big Foldy Grunt Gallery

Welcome Friend!


The Big Foldy Website of Death


My name is Ian Forbes and I have an MFA in Painting.
I paint, draw, and make things in Saskatoon, Saskatchewan, Canada.

The starting position is imagination. Our imaginations effect the material world through Art, Science, Religion, Magic…. My work is eclectic – not unified by style or content. It is helpful look at these pieces as the Material Components of a Magical Operation; Art is the realm of the Magical, where anything is possible. So look at this seemingly random assortment of objects through the lens of imagination and see these creative acts building a bulwark against the forces of Evil.


Here are the various places I post things on the internet:

Follow Me On Twitter

Fun Facts and Retweets

Part of being on the Internet is to rage at total strangers in impotent fury. Twitter seems to be unmitigated cesspool of vile hatred; but some of us are trying to make it marginally better.


They have loads of videos

Here are a bunch of videos from various exhibitions and whatnot.


The very latest photos!

I seem to post mostly in progress artwork with the occasional BLAST from the past. Also some random travel, beer and weird things. Follow me and I generally follow back if I remember.

Musical Dabbling

My Soundcloud Feed

I like to make soundscape or ambient style electronic music using minimal equipment – mostly my Arturia Microbrute analog synth and Garageband. I’m currently working on music for our weekly RPG.

A Deeper Dive Into My Work

Large Work

bigger than your couch

This is a collection of installations and big projects that I’ve done since 1997.

Small Work

for your personal enjoyment

This is a collection of pieces that would be extremely happy over your couch or on your coffee table.